The Crew

Jason Epperson

Jason Epperson

Unrequited will be directed by Jason Epperson of Eppic Films, Inc. Jason was one of 50 talented directors picked from among 12,000 applicants to participate in a competition to discover the most talented new director in the world. “On The Lot” was a joint venture created by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett. Jason finished as the first-runner up. This success landed him a “First Look” contract with Paramount and representation by one of Hollywood’s best managers, Michael Forman. Jason has a long resume of directing and editing short films, features and music videos. He is a 2000 graduate of E.K.U. with a degree in Broadcasting & Electronic Media.


Gill Holland
Executive Producer

Spirit-Award nominee for Producer of the Year, Gill Holland has worked on over 50 films, including Sundance faves Flow: For Love of Water, Adventures of Power, Spring Forward, Loggerheads, and triple winner Hurrican Streets, as well as the FOX sit-com Greg the Bunny, Spirit-Award winner and first carbon-neutral independent film Sweetland, Al Gore’s 2008 Reel Current Award winner Mountain Top Removal, and the Emmy-nominated Dear Jesse. He also produced three volumes of cineBLAST! the short film compilations.

Holland is currently a partner at The Group Entertainment, the ky/nyc management and production company. Half Norwegian, half North-Carolinian lawyer and former adjunct professor at NYU Graduate Film School, Gill worked at the French Film Office. He has been on the jury for shorts at Sundance and selection committee for the Academy Awards, Student Division. His record label sonaBLAST! features Kelley McRae, Ben Sollee, The Old Ceremony and Irish star Mark Geary.

Holland, his wife Augusta, and daughter Cora, just opened The Green Building, the first LEED certified platinum building in Louisville, KY.


Jeff Day

Jeff Day

An award-winning screenwriter/director with over 30 years of experience on stage and screen, Jeff Day is the co-founder of Lucky Day Studios. Jeff received his MFA in Directing at the University of Utah in conjunction with Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute.

Jeff, along with business partner Tom Lockridge, penned the script for Unrequited, Lucky Day Studios’ first feature film. Jeff has recently been nominated for a Directing award from the Kennedy Center’s, KCATF for his recent production of Twelve Angry Men.


Tom Lockridge

Tom Lockridge

A graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law, Tom Lockridge has been a successful private-practice attorney for more than 20 years. Tom is the writer, producer, director of successful short films like The Cycle, a movie highlighting the problem of domestic violence in our society, which screened at the Southern Fried Flicks Film Festival in Augusta, Georgia. He is the writer, director, producer of Ethics: The Movie, a prosecutor training film which has been screened, reviewed and acclaimed nationwide. Tom travels the country lecturing and consulting on legal ethics.


S Douglas Smith
Director of Photography

S Douglas Smith

Award-Winning Cinematographer Steven Douglas Smith has enjoyed a varied and groundbreaking career as a pioneer for the “digital generation.” A graduate of USC’s Film School, Steven has earned his stripes as an HD Specialist.

Steven’s credits include Nicolas, the first American feature film shot entirely in 24p HD. He also shot Disney’s $200 million dollar ambitious and groundbreaking feature film, Dinosaur.

A protege of such world-renowned cinematographers as Allen Daviau, (E.T.), Vittorio Storaro (The Last Emperor), and Conrad Hall (American Beauty), Steven’s passion for “developing and utilizing technical advances to broaden the aesthetics of the visual medium” inspires him.

A versatile professional who has mastered both film and digital technology, Steven continues to build on his impressive resume which includes working with a multitude of talented artists such as Tobey Maguire, Hilary Swank, Benicio Del Toro, Randy Quaid, and with studios such as 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and Disney. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Kodak Visionary Award for his work on the film No Easy Way.

Steven recently completed work on his 20th feature film, a sequel to the hit 1995 Sandra Bullock thriller, The Net, shot entirely on HD.


Chad Gundersen

Chad Gundersen

Chad Gundersen’s decade-long producing career includes award-winning commercials, music videos, television shows, feature films and shorts. Chad’s feature films include Midnight Clear (Lionsgate, 2007) starring Stephen Baldwin; The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry (5 & 2 Pictures, 2009) starring Gavin MacLeod; Like Dandelion Dust (20th Century Fox, 2010) starring Mira Sorvino, Barry Pepper and Cole Hauser; and Unrequited (2010) starring Michael Welch of the Twilight series. His TV credits include segments on Business World News, Entertainment World News and Health World News for TVA Productions as well as Morgans: A Proud Breed and A Western Ranch Story for Horse TV AND RFDTV. He has also produced a number of award-winning short films that have garnered tremendous recognition worldwide.

Chad is currently in development on numerous projects, including an international action/thriller based on the best selling novel, The Witness, by Josh McDowell.


Mark Freiburger

Mark Freiburger

A 2005 graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts’ School of Filmmaking, Mark Freiburger’s first film, Dog Days of Summer starring Will Patton (Remember The Titans, Armageddon), won awards at international film festivals in 2007 and 2008. Collaborating with Travis Beacham (Co-Screenwriter for Warner Brothers’ Clash of the Titans remake) and Christopher Waild (Staff Writer for TV’s NCIS) on the script, Frieburger raised nearly a half million dollars to produce the film, which was released on DVD in 2009 by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Prior to Dog Days, Freiburger directed a handful of music videos — one of which became a top-requested video in 2004 on the national BET Network — as well as numerous short films, which screened at multiple film festivals around the country.

Freiburger served as a screenwriter for the novel adaptation of The Trial from best-selling author Robert Whitlow. The film, slated for release with 20th Century Fox in 2010, will be directed by Gary Wheeler. Freiburger is currently developing his second directorial feature based on the novel Jimmy, also from author Robert Whitlow.

Freiburger teaches seminars and lectures on filmmaking at California State University, University of the North Carolina School of the Arts, Central Piedmont, and Asbury College. Mark currently resides in Los Angeles and regularly splits his time between the East and West coasts.


Beverly Holloway
Casting Director

Beverly Holloway has worked in Los Angeles as a Casting Director for TV and feature film projects for over 13 years. Focusing primarily on independent films, Beverly has had the opportunity to work with some of the best actors in the industry. Her credits include the David Zucker comedy An American Carol (starring Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, James Woods, Dennis Hopper, Kevin Farley), The Ultimate Gift (Starring James Garner, Abigail Breslin, Drew Fuller, Brian Dennehy), Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (Starring Jim Caviezel, Claire Forlani, Malcolm McDowell, Jeremy Northam), and the soon-to-be-released award-winning film Like Dandelion Dust (Starring Mira Sorvino, Barry Pepper, Cole Hauser).

In addition, Beverly is responsible for casting the children's video series Hermie & Friends with amazing talent such as Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Richard Kind, Judge Reinhold, John O’Hurley, Fred Willard, Tahj Mowry and Vicki Lawrence. She was also responsible for casting a completely new and never-been-done-before audio version of the New Testament featuring a cast of young talent, including some of today’s hottest young actors such as AnnaSophia Robb, Emily Osment, Corbin Bleu, Cody Linley, Alyson Stoner, Jordin Sparks and Andrew Lawrence, with narration by Sean Astin.


Rob Pottorf
Composer, Original Score

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, composer Rob Pottorf began playing music at the age of five. It started innocently enough, with a ukulele - a Christmas present. By the next year he was performing.

By the time Rob had turned nine years old, he was composing his own music and carrying his guitar from place to place, singing and writing music nonstop. A natural singer-song/writer, Rob won several local, national and international competitions. After graduating high school, Rob worked summers for Paramount Parks singing and playing guitar and attending Ohio University and the University of Cincinnati during the school year. While at Ohio University he also played piano and keyboards with the OU Jazz Ensemble. Playing charts like Toshiko Akiyoshi started his love of orchestrations and arranging. After college, Rob interned at a recording studio, working his way into the Head Producer/Head Engineer position and wrote and arranged commercial works. Shortly after, Rob took a position with Paramount Parks as their new Director of Music soon to become their Senior Music Composer.

In 1997, Rob scored his first film, followed quickly by his first animated film in 1998. In that same year, he composed for the new Disney World’s Animal Kingdom’s main street parade which ran for two seasons. Over the last ten years, he has scored numerous film, television and ongoing series projects such as CourtTV’s Crime Stories, Bob Vila’s Restore America, Turner South’s Three Day Weekend and Blue Ribbon series, PBS’ Danger Rangers, Hermie & Friends. He has had the privilege of working with Tim Conway, the late Don Knotts, Richard Belzer, Florence Henderson, Howard Kazanjian, Will Patton, Richard Herd and Gregory Alan Williams to name a few. In 2009, in addition to continuing his work on ongoing animated series, he is in preparation for two feature films in pre-production.

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